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Based in London

Creators of the Kippo Cone

For almost a decade, our innovative, recycled Kippo anti-drip paper cone holders have been providing clients with a more hygienic way to serve ice-cream cones to their customers. Established in 2008 as an English-Italian joint venture business following the invention of the anti-drip cone holder, Dumpy & Co strives to deliver a service and product that meets the needs of all our clients in the ice-cream trade.

Based in London and with a large warehouse in Italy, we supply our innovative Kippo cone holders to wholesalers, ice-cream parlours, and more throughout the world. We have established a reputation for delivering a consistent service with a highly flexible customer experience, ensuring we meet all the specific requirements of our clients. Regardless of your needs, We can provide you with affordable, high-quality Kippo cone holders at affordable prices.

The Concept

The creation of our anti-drip ice-cream cone holders stemmed from our desire to improve various factors in the ice-cream trade. These factors include:

No matter the scale of your needs, we can provide you with the ideal anti-drip cone holders to suit your needs.

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